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CAR COMPARISON : Nissan Magnite v/s Renault Kiger

We have had two recent launches, where the compact SUV segment has been challenged and the price war has been taken to a totally new level.

While both the cars are from a similar stable. Still, they are not the same.

Let’s do have a deep dive into the comparison between the two new launches.

1.) Price.


Renault has consciously ensured that the price is marginally cheaper.

However, both remain very competitive in terms of their offerings and value proposition right from the first trim.

2.) Engine & Transmission

Since both have a similar offering, it would be very difficult to say that there is much difference between how the engines are tuned.

Both have a 1 Litre Turbocharged petrol engine with 999 CC displacement.

The Max power outlet remains the same for both.


Here we can see a few notable differences, where one is trying to ensure they pitch their features above the other or the rest of the industry.

When you look at the Renault Kiger you would additionally get: Air Quality control, Navigation System, steering mounted Trip meter & Drive Modes, rear charger in addition.

On the other hand, if we look at Nissan Magnine we would be getting: One-touch operating driver’s window, rear bottle holder, in addition, 60:40 split seats, Cruise Control, Height adjustable front seat belts.

4.) Interiors

While the touch and feel, the experience remains similar. There are marginal differences here as well in terms of glove compartments, multi-trip meter, and so on.


The styling takes it all. This is what meets the eye. Both have consciously tried to ensure they make the car more appealing to the young generation with bold designs and beautiful aesthetics.

The Kiger gives you additional rear fog lights and an optional roof carrier.

Both offer R16 tires. LED seems to be the flavor for both, with LED DRLs, Headlights, and Tail and Fog lamps.

6.) Safety:

On the safety front while we have safety features as standard for all cars, being implemented here as well. The key differences would be

Kiger has 4 airbags.

Magnite has 360 view camera

7.) Entertainment and Communication:

Both Offer the 8-inch touch screen with the standard modern tech features.

Closing remarks

While both the OEM’s have ensured they offer high-value products at very competitive pricing. It would be very difficult for one to choose a particular brand over the other. While we have also seen that apple to apple comparison basis, both have tried their best to offer as many features and make themselves more appealing to the new car buyers.

However, buying a car is not only about a one-time transaction. The elements of cost of ownership, convenience, after-sales service, and resale value play a very crucial role. So, one would have to weigh the options, basis above to get their head zeroed on one.


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