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Cars Production Statistics India – FY2020

Over 34 Lakh Passenger Vehicles were manufactured in India in FY2019-20 (Apr’19 to Mar’20). The Production degrew -15% YoY in FY20 v/s FY19.

We have been getting a lot of requests to collate the Manufacturing / Production Statistics in India. We thus share the statistics for past 2 Financial Years. Total 34,34,015 cars were manufactured in India in FY2019-20 and was almost 6 Lakh units lesser than FY2018-19. Economic Slowdown, BS6 Transition and average exports were the reasons for lowered production in the last fiscal.

Let us see the OEMwise production statistics for FY2020 –RankOEMFY2020FY2019Growth1Maruti Suzuki15,53,45618,24,652-15%2Hyundai6,47,7567,11,525-9%3Ford1,93,0142,56,496-25%4Mahindra1,90,4682,71,245-30%5Tata Motors1,49,1042,25,256-34%6Renault1,12,42289,83625%7Kia Motors1,01,4200–8Toyota1,00,3391,59,888-37%9Honda98,3771,79,999-45%10Nissan88,50594,692-7%11Volkswagen78,46190,828-14%12General Motors70,22876,482-8%13MG Motors23,6050–14FCA12,36222,815-46%15Skoda11,71217,017-31%16Force Motors1,4002,158-35%17Isuzu1,3622,475-45%18Mahindra Electric24438-95%19HM0245-100%TOTAL34,34,01540,26,047-15%

  1. Maruti was the largest production of passenger cars in India and had manufactured over 1.5 million units in FY2020. Over 45% of the cars manufactured in India wears a Suzuki badge!

  2. As usual, Hyundai came second with a manufacturing output of over 6.4 Lakh units in FY2020.

  3. Ford was the Third Largest producer of cars in India for FY2020! Owing to high export volumes; Ford has been able to utilize its production capacity well and has a utilization % better than the likes of Mahindra, Tata and even Toyota. (link)

  4. Mahindra & Tata came in 4th and 5th spot respectively. Both the OEMs recorded over 30% drop in YoY production statistics.

  5. Renault was the only OEM to record a YoY growth and manufactured over 1.1 Lakh units in FY20.

  6. Kia manufactured more cars than Toyota too in FY2020! Kia’s focus on exports from day 1 is quite evident and the Korean OEM has been able to utilize pretty efficiently too.

  7. General Motors manufactured more cars in India than MG, Jeep, Skoda and Isuzu combined! Post exit from the Indian market; GM’s focus on exports enabled it to utilize its production effectively and the same is pretty evident now. However; with the sale of the Talegaon manufacturing plant, GM is on the way to completely exit India.


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