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CNG models contribute to >10% of Maruti Suzuki's volumes!

Maruti Suzuki sold 8,63,874 units in India between Apr-Dec'20 and 10.7% of the volumes was contributed from CNG models!

Maruti sold a staggering 92,270 factory-fitted CNG models between April to December 2020. The CNG sales of Maruti was higher than overall sales of Ford + MG + Skoda + Jeep + Nissan combined in the said timeframe!

· Maruti is still trying hard to upgrade in-house developed 1.5L BS4 diesel for SUV/MUV portfolio.

· In the meantime, they have completely moved to petrol portfolio.

· Interestingly, the approach has little difference, as they tried to substitute diesel with factory-fitted CNG kit (dual fuel).

Maruti Dzire Diesel v/s CNG Sales Analysis

· Absence of diesel has drastically impacted sales of Dzire, as 41% of sales in 2019 came from diesel engine

· CNG version is not adequate to cover fleet (Dzire tour) market demand of diesel

· They lost 38% volume in 2020, it is still huge, even after discounting pandemic effect (-17% average)


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