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CY2022: Indian Battery Electric Vehicle Industry Analysis


  • 2022 registered the highest-ever BEV sales of 48,262 units, with 229% volume growth over 2021

  • October 2022 was the best sales month with 5,113 units sold

  • Tata Motors commands 86% of the Indian BEV market share, followed by MG with 9%

  • Tata Nexon EV (29,149) is the best-selling product, followed by Tata Tigor EV (11,890)

  • Availability of competitive BEV products and high conventional-fuel prices are the major BEV market drivers in 2022

Indian BEV mass-market

  • CY2022 witnessed record BEV sales of 48,262 units

  • BEV market share reached 1.3% of total PV sales in India.

  • The Indian BEV market is growing rapidly with the introduction of competitively priced products

  • High conventional-fuel prices in 2022 also aided BEV market growth

  • October 2022 BEV sales reached an all-time high of 5,113 units, followed by a seasonal downfall

Body style

  • SUV/crossover-styled vehicles account for 73% of the BEV market

  • Improved Tata Tigor EV launched in Q3-2021 scaled sedan share to 25%

  • In 2022, Tata introduced the Tiago EV, the first BEV hatchback, and BYD introduced the E6, the first BEV MPV


  • Tata Motors controls 86% of the market, followed by MG Motors with 9%, and the rest are currently marginal players.

  • Now Tata and MG derive considerable volume from BEV product sales


  • The Tata Nexon EV with dual battery pack option is the best-selling BEV in India, followed by the Tata Tigor EV

  • In the BEV product race, there is no first-mover advantage, and the best product takes the cake in the Indian market

Tata BEV products - Nexon EV, Tigor EV & Tiago EV (Local production with imported battery cell)

  • The Nexon EV Max with a larger battery pack introduced in 2022 along with the old Prime version took the final tally to an all-time high of 3,070 units in June 2022

  • With an improved battery and motor, sales of the Tigor EV have grown rapidly since August 2021

  • Tiago EV has just started its wholesale journey with 500 units in December 2022

  • Tata Motors sold 29,149 Nexon EVs in 2022

  • Tigor EV sales have nearly fivefold increased since 2021 due to an improved value proposition.

  • Nexon EV command 60% BEV market share in 2022

  • Tigor EV now has a 25% share of the BEV market in 2022.


  • After a facelift, CKD MG ZS EV average sales settled around 361 units per month in 2022

  • There was strong demand for an updated ZS EV with better range, interior and feature updates

  • ZS EV market share decreased during 2022 due to market expansion by Tata EV products

Other BEV products - Hyundai Kona (CKD), Mahindra eVerito (Local), KIA EV6 (CBU) & BYD E6 (CBU)

  • Other BEV products have a minuscule share of the growing Indian BEV market

  • Mahindra eVerito sales are almost negligible

  • Throughout 2022, the Hyundai Kona EV was available at a discount of over 2 lakhs

  • Kia has launched the CBU EV6 in 2022 in the premium segment

  • BYD introduced the E6 MPV in 2021 for fleet operators and made it available for personal car buyers in 2022

Luxury segment – BMW

  • In the luxury segment - BMW has reported 347 BEV sales in 2022, which is 2.9% of BMW’s total sales in India

  • The BMW iX SUV is the company's best-selling BEV, followed by the Mini SE hatchback

  • 45 units of the reasonably priced BMW i4 sedan were sold


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