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December 2019 Car Sales – Snapshot

December’s have always been a lean month in terms of Wholesales considering year change and the bid of OEMs/Dealers push to liquidate the stock. Considering the downtrend in the Indian Auto Industry; we rate December 2019 to be a better month comparatively as the Industry was flat and didn’t degrew to the extent we had anticipated. The upcoming BS-6 norms has been a constant threat to dealers/OEMs to ward off the BS4 stock and has industry pretty hard – Even FADA (Dealer Body) had to approach Supreme Court asking for an extension on the deadline. However; the efforts are on and the industry is working hard to have a smoother transition. The winner in the overall fiasco is the customer – they are getting their favorite cars at all-time high discounted prices. The same should reflect in the retail volumes and we shall share the same in mid-month to assess the scenario better.

  1. 2,34,805 cars were sold in Dec’19 v/s the same period last year. The YoY degrowth was -0.5% and industry sales was almost flat.

  2. Maruti was able to regain lost ground and improve its market share by stellar 1.5%! Actually Hyundai’s loss seems to be Maruti’s gain. Hyundai clear has curbed on the dispatches and is evident in the numbers.

  3. Mahindra gained too and its Market Share rose to 6.5% in Dec’19.

  4. Tata registered a YoY degrowth of -10% and the Market Share dipped by -0.6%.

  5. Renault has been the HERO-performer for Dec’19. While it not only registered a monumental 65% YoY growth but improved its Market Share too by 2%!

  6. Kia looks to have rationalized its dispatches and shipped only 4.645 units of Seltos. Kia seems to place a bet to reduce the MY19 stock so that the cars are later not sold at a discount. However; Jan’20 performance shall give a clear picture.

Market Share figures for Dec’19 –


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