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Discount & Offers on Nexa Models for August 2023

Maruti Suzuki is offering great deals and discounts on its Nexa lineup for the month of August 2023. let's have a look at the discount model wise,

Ignis Manual, AMT

For August 2023, Maruti Suzuki Nexa is offering a deal with a cash discount of Rs 35,000. That's not all – if you're ready to exchange your old car, you'll receive an additional exchange bonus of Rs 15,000. And, if your stars align and you're considering specific models, there's an extra exchange bonus of Rs 10,000. To sweeten the deal further, corporate professionals can avail of a Rs 4,000 corporate discount. This package of discounts and offers makes the Maruti Ignis an even more appealing choice for those searching for a compact car that doesn't compromise style or substance.

Baleno Zeta, Alpha Petrol

The Maruti Baleno, a popular premium hatchback, is next on the list with enticing discounts for August. If you opt for the Zeta or Alpha Petrol variants, you'll be greeted with a Rs 10,000 cash discount. Additionally, trading in your old vehicle will grant you another Rs 10,000 as an exchange bonus. And just like with the Ignis, specific models come with an added exchange bonus of Rs 10,000. The Maruti Baleno, known for its spacious interiors and impressive fuel efficiency, becomes even more alluring with these discounts.

Baleno Sigma, Delta Petrol

If you're eyeing the Sigma or Delta Petrol variants of the Maruti Baleno, you're in for a treat. Maruti Suzuki is offering a generous Rs 20,000 cash discount on these models. The deal becomes quite compelling when you factor in the exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 and the potential additional exchange bonus. The Baleno's blend of style, comfort, and performance makes it a favourite among hatchback enthusiasts, and these discounts make it an even wiser choice this month.

Baleno CNG

For those inclined towards eco-friendly alternatives, the Maruti Baleno CNG variant is also part of the August offers. With a Rs 10,000 cash discount and an additional exchange bonus of Rs 10,000, this deal allows you to embrace a greener driving experience without compromising on savings.


Moving on to the sedan segment, the Maruti Ciaz is extending a warm welcome to August with an enticing exchange bonus of Rs 25,000. Corporate employees can also enjoy a corporate discount of Rs 3,000. With its elegant design, spacious interiors, and impressive fuel efficiency, the Maruti Ciaz remains a popular choice among sedan enthusiasts.

Jimny, XL6, Grand Vitara, Invicto, Fronx

While some models like the Fronx, Jimny, XL6, Grand Vitara, and Invicto have no discount offers for August 2023, they still retain their appeal with their distinct features and performance attributes.


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