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Discount & Offers on NEXA Models for June 2024

NEXA, Maruti Suzuki's premium retail channel, has unveiled an array of enticing offers for June 2024, providing substantial benefits across various models. These offers include consumer discounts, exchange bonuses, scrappage bonuses, and corporate offers, all aimed at enhancing the value proposition for customers.


For the Ignis, a popular compact hatchback, NEXA has rolled out significant consumer offers:

  • MT Variants: ₹35,000 consumer offer, combined with an exchange bonus of ₹15,000 or a scrappage bonus of ₹20,000, and a corporate offer of ₹3,000, summing up to a total benefit of ₹53,000.

  • AGS Variants: With a consumer offer of ₹40,000, an exchange or scrappage bonus, and a corporate offer, the total benefit reaches ₹58,000.

  • All Petrol MT: Benefits up to ₹52,000 including all applicable bonuses and offers.


The Baleno, another top choice among premium hatchbacks, features:

  • All AGS Variants: ₹40,000 consumer offer with additional bonuses leading to a total benefit of ₹57,000.

  • All CNG Variants: Benefits up to ₹32,000, combining consumer offers and bonuses.


The Ciaz sedan is available with:

  • A ₹20,000 consumer offer, enhanced by a ₹25,000 exchange bonus or a ₹30,000 scrappage bonus, plus a ₹3,000 corporate offer, totaling ₹48,000 in benefits.


The newly introduced Fronx crossover provides varied offers:

  • 1.2 L Petrol: ₹15,000 consumer offer and bonuses summing up to ₹27,000.

  • All CNG Variants: Total benefit of ₹12,000.

  • TURBO Variant: An attractive package including ₹15,000 consumer offer, a Velocity Edition worth ₹43,000, and bonuses, culminating in a ₹70,000 total benefit.


For the rugged Jimny, customers can enjoy a ₹50,000 consumer offer, straightforward and substantial.


The premium MPV XL6 features:

  • Petrol Variants: An exchange bonus of ₹20,000 or a scrappage bonus of ₹25,000, adding up to ₹20,000 in total benefits.

Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara, a versatile SUV, offers:

  • Sigma Variant: Total benefits of ₹34,000.

  • Delta Petrol: Combined benefits up to ₹54,000.

  • Zeta & Alpha Petrol: A hefty ₹64,000 in total benefits.

  • Strong Hybrid eCVT: ₹20,000 consumer offer with a 5-year extended warranty, plus bonuses, leading to a massive ₹70,000 total benefit plus extended warranty.

  • CNG Variants: ₹4,000 in corporate benefits.

Terms and Conditions

These offers are subject to certain terms and conditions:

  • Scrappage Bonus: Available as per policy and applicable either as an exchange or scrappage bonus.

  • Eligibility: Offers are the highest in their respective segments but may vary based on customer eligibility.

  • Duration: All discounts and offers are for a limited period and may vary by state and dealer.


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