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Discounts & Offers on Hyundai Car Models for December 2023

Hyundai has introduced a range of discounts and benefits for December 2023, aiming to cater to diverse preferences and budgets across its lineup.

Grand i10 Nios For the Grand i10 Nios series, Hyundai has curated offers tailored to different variants. CNG variants present an attractive package with a Cash Discount of ₹35,000, complemented by additional benefits for Exchange Customers and POI/Corporate Customers, accumulating to a substantial Total Benefit of ₹48,000.

Meanwhile, MT Variants (Non-CNG) and AMT Variants provide appealing Total Benefits of ₹33,000 and ₹23,000, respectively.


Hyundai's AURA lineup ensures benefits for both CNG and other variants. With a Cash Discount of ₹20,000 for CNG variants and ₹10,000 for other variants, supplemented by additional benefits, customers can enjoy a comprehensive Total Benefit of ₹33,000 and ₹23,000, respectively.

Old i20 and New Hyundai i20 The Old i20 series entices buyers with tailored benefits across its variants. Whether it's the DCT Variants, Sportz MT, or other variants, each segment offers attractive Cash Discounts, providing buyers with compelling Total Benefits.

Similarly, the New Hyundai i20 presents across-the-board benefits, ensuring every customer can benefit from a Cash Discount of ₹10,000, supplemented by additional perks, resulting in a Total Benefit of ₹20,000.

Old i20 N Line, Verna, Alcazar, Tucson, and Kona EV

For the Old i20 N Line, buyers can enjoy an exclusive Cash Discount, accumulating to a significant Total Benefit of ₹50,000.


Hyundai Verna entices prospective buyers with a Cash Discount of ₹20,000 for all customers. For those opting for an exchange, an additional ₹25,000 benefit awaits, amounting to a substantial Total Benefit of ₹45,000.


Customers eyeing the Petrol variant of the Alcazar can enjoy a Cash Discount of ₹15,000, with an additional ₹20,000 available for exchange customers, culminating in an attractive Total Benefit of ₹35,000. On the other hand, Diesel variants offer a straight benefit of ₹20,000, tailor-made for Diesel aficionados.


The Tucson Diesel variant steals the spotlight with an extraordinary Cash Discount of ₹1,50,000, presenting a remarkable opportunity for Diesel enthusiasts to enjoy a substantial benefit of equal value.

Kona EV

Hyundai's Kona EV stands tall with an incredible Cash Discount of ₹3,00,000, reaffirming the brand's commitment to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options, allowing customers to relish a significant benefit while embracing electric mobility.

It's important to note that for Venue, Venue Line, and Creta models, there are no consumer offers available for December 2023.

Remember, these offers are subject to change and may vary based on location and dealer specifics.


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