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Hero is the Number 1 two-wheeler manufacturer in India, for FY 2021 [Model wise sales]

Hero Moto Corp, closed the FY 2021, with a volume of 55,99,859. This was against LLY performance of 62,31,458. We saw Hero experience degrowth in volumes to the tune of about 6,31,599.

However, all was not Gloomy for Hero. Hero did experience growth in 5 models. Pleasure, Destni 125, Maestro, Xtreme, 150 & 200 and Xpulse. All 5 saw a volume growth. Cumulatively the volume growth of these 5 models stood at 1,45,516 Units. which is a great positive to take away.

  • Splendor 110, continued to remain the flagship model of Hero. however, this year it has come down below the 2 million mark. It stood at 19,60,001. Which was about 5% in terms of degrowth over Last Year.

  • HF Deluxe, Splendor 125, and Passion stood at a cumulative volume of the entry-level motorcycle segment at 26,48,974 units.

  • Pleasure, Destini and Maestro, the Trio of Scooters from Hero, stood at a total volume of 4,43,459. which is a handsome growth of close to 80k units. Hero will take a lot of joy from the fact that it was the only OEM in the Scooter segment to grow in FY 2021. this comes at the back of many OEM's drastically de growing in the scooter segment.

  • X Pulse 200 and Xtreme 200 have contributed handsomely and this is another segment Hero was not able to capture. Hero now stands at a volume of 65,618 in this segment. Which is a handsome growth of 56,913 units.


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