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Honda Cars India volumes increase 28% YoY in February 2021.

Honda Cars domestic wholesales recorded 9,324 units in February 2021 and was a 28% increase over February 2020.

Modelwise Sales Analysis for Honda Cars -

  • Honda still remains a Sedan-Centric brand in India and the Top 2 models in OEM are from the segment (Compact & Executive Sedan)

  • Honda Amaze was the best-selling Honda for February 2021. However; the model sales fell -15% YoY and -105 MoM

  • Honda City is still the epitome in the Executive Sedan segment and continues to dominate. The model sales grew a phenomenal 101% YoY.

  • WRV dispatches were 1,004 units and Jazz recorded 856 units Wholesales in February 2021.

Honda Wholesales Stats for Feb'21 -


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