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How to prevent your Car from getting stolen?

Now that you have purchased your Car, you need to protect it too! don't make it easy for car thieves but How?? A seemingly simple question but very important to answer too!

Some simple precautions for the same:

Keep your Car properly Locked, wherever it is parked

Ensure that the Locking System of the car is working efficiently.

Steering/Gear Lock must be locked.

Steering locks are the easiest to use as they do not require permanent mounts to be installed. They can be tucked away quite easily.

Often, the setups come with passcodes too.

The Window Panes must be in order and there are no cues provided, even unintentionally, regarding the keys placing, to unknown persons.

It is recommended that important documents are not kept in the Car, especially during Night Time parking.

Procure a Secure Parking

The best method is to have secure parking for your car.

The Parking place must be secure, and not attract thieves or others of their kind.

The place is well lit and is always in the know of the security. In many cities, due to the acute paucity of parking space, cars are parked on the street, without authorized security systems.

Closed Circuit Television

Having a Closed Circuit Television is recommended for continuous footage. This will enable catching the thief, in case of theft.

GPS Trackers

There are now a host of GPS trackers that provide alerts to the users, whenever anyone other than the Car Owner approaches and/or fiddles with the Car.

They give you real-time alerts.

Some of them have features that enable you to track the car's locations in real-time, in case stolen. A lot of Fleet Owners now use GPS trackers to monitor their car's usage, as it is driven by their drivers or Users. .

Car Alarm

The old-fashioned car alarm systems, with the loudspeaker and combined with headlights/hazard lights, to attract attention to a stolen car are still in use.

These come with the facilities of getting an SMS notification, whenever when there is foul play with your car.

Be Safe Rather Than Be Sorry

And last but not the least, have proper insurance for your car. This will give peace of mind in case your car gets stolen.

It is advisable to take extreme precautions and avoid road stretches which are infamous for stealing vehicles, especially during night times.


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