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India's top 10 Motor Cycles for June'21. Splendor, HF Deluxe, Pulsar, CB Shine, Platina and others.

The Motorcycles seemed to have a rather flat month this time around in June 2021. It registered a volume of 6,79,302 units TY June as against, a volume of 6,13,926 units. This was a marginal growth of about 65,376 units. On a percentage perspective this was about 10% growth over LY June.

  • The Motor cycle segment saw a growth in only 4 models. The rest 6 models degrew. Highest growth came from Splendor followed by CB Shine. Marginal growth was witnessed by Platina, which grew by 2,997 units and Unicron which grew by 1,625 units.

  • Splendor was not only the number 1 motor cycle, but also the number one two wheeler for the month of June 2021. It had beaten Honda Activa and also HF deluxe to maintain it’s numero UNO position of the Two Wheeler Industry. The growth was a massive 82,819 units. The total sold units stood at 2.64,009 units. Also worth noting was that the highest growth in market share in the top 10 motor cycles came from Splendor which was a massive 9.35% growth.

  • HF Deluxe was the next motor cycle which touched 1Lakh+ units. However, it degrowh by about 19,341 units. The market share came down to 11.65% in the top 10 Motor Cycles category. This was a huge drop of 4.89% in it’s share of top 10 Motor Cycles in June.

  • Pulsar stood at 79,150 units. Which was a flat drop of about 1,672 units. This was a 1.51% drop in market share of top 10 motor cycles of 2021. Pulsar grabbed a market share of 11.65% in the top 10 motor cycles of June 2021.

  • CB shine, with a volume of 71,869 units was the motor cycle with second highest growth. It stood at 26,615 units growth. This was also a solid gain in the top 10 motor cycle’s market share. CB Shine grew by 3.21% and registered a market share of 10.58% in top 10 Motor Cycles of June 2021.


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