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India's top 10 states for New Car Sales.

We bring you the volume of Passenger Vehicles in the Top 10 states of India.

The Top 10 states of India are the hub of economic activity and drivers for the Automobile Industry in India. More than 65% of the Passenger Vehicles sold nationally are sold in these states.

After two consecutive decline years in 2018-19 and 2019-20, the industry was looking with caution at FY 2020-21. The pandemic woes added to the caution and FY2020-21 saw the Auto Industry registrations, across the nation drop by 14%. In these 10 states too, which contribute to 65% of registrations, the decline was by as much as 14%.

  • 5 of these states are in the North Zone, 2 in the West, and 3 in the South. Out of 56 cities in India, with a population in excess of 1 million – ref 2011 census, 37 cities lie in these states.

  • On a micro-level analysis, 37 of India’s 56 one million-plus cities are in these states. The high degree of urbanization and service sector drives the sales of Cars in these states. In states like Karnataka, where 1 city of Bengaluru contributes to more than 60% of total state registrations, the fallout will be very high.

  • Maharastra continued to retain Rank 1 with 2,82,330 registrations followed by Uttar Pradesh and then Gujrat was the third state on the podium.

  • Gujrat was the only state that did not degrow. Rest all the states have degrown. Kerala degrew the highest.


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