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Indian Car Sales Figures – December 2011

December 2011 Sales Figures – Pan India

Highlights –

December has been a breather for the Indian Auto Industry where many of the OEM’s saw a marginal growth over last year. December has always been a tricky month – as majority of the customers postpone their purchase decision to avoid losing out on re-sale when the year of manufacture comes into consideration. On the other side aggressive discounts by OEM’s are used as a catalyst to pull customers. Also most dealers are on the ramp for clearing their ‘old’ stocks. Other whip that the manufacturers use is the news of increase in prices from January.

In totality December gave a reason to rejoice to Hyundai, Tata & Mahindra who saw a growth of 12.8%, 46.79% & 23.97% YoY respectively. While the country’s biggest automaker is still ailing with its decline in sales, hopes are still on its revival with interesting products such as Ertiga in pipeline.

GM had a growth of 6.74% YoY primarily due to the improved sale of its 3-cylinder Diesel Beat. Shows how diesel can work wonders for a product! Etios range of products may not be liked by all and many believe it is not of Toyota standard, but numbers are surely depicting a different picture. Toyota grew over twofold to 15,948 units from 6,362 units in same month last year. A list of the top 20 brands of the month –


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