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Jeep India launches “Touch Free” online retail program!

Now Book a Jeep Compass online as FCA India starts ‘Touch-Free’ Sales.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced the launch of its online retail experience by offering Jeep Compass to prospective customers, right from the comfort of their homes. The Global Pandemic has for sure created the fear of usage of public spaces among the public, meaning social distancing becoming the new norm. As Car makers across the industry are using various techniques to create positive demand to sell their products, Fiat has gone the extra mile offering online booking and owning the Jeep Compass.

FCA India President and Managing Director Partha Datta said, “Our commitment is to ensure customers can still continue to access Jeep at their fingertips. To ensure health, safety and convenience, we are making the Jeep retail experience as touch-free as possible.”

Using the online platform, interested buyers can order a test drive, book a new car, and also get delivered their vehicle at their door step, fully sanitized, without having the need to physically visit the showroom. Customers need to submit documentations online including their contact info and geographical location, and select the vehicle variant, color and mode of transmission. The booking is then done online, after which Fiat’s automated retail architecture would create an unique ID to intimate the nearest dealer. The sales executive would then assist the customer with a test drive, final booking and final payment, right at the comfort of their homes.

The prospective customers can visit and book the Jeep Compass right from their homes.

(The article is written by Karthick. He is an auto enthusiast, and an engineer by profession, currently employed in an auto MNC at Chennai; has a craving on new tech and a particular interest on the Indian automotive market.)


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