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July 2019 Car Sales – Snapshot

Passenger Vehicle sales in India continued its downward spiral for the ninth consecutive month in July’19! The overall car sales fell below 2 Lakh units after a very long time. The Industry saw a volume of 1,99,534 units in July’19 v/s a sale of 2,86,397 units in July’18 and reported a massive YoY degrowth of 30.3%! This is an indicative of worsening purchases at the consumer end and poor dealership health at the channel end. There are no signs of the demand rejuvenating in the coming months. And if things don’t improve this coming festive season; this could probably be the worst phase in the Industry’s history! Adding to the owes is the lack of support from the Government – No GST reduction seen as well.

  1. Maruti + Nexa sees the highest Market Share fall and lands at 48.4% Market Share in July’19 v/s 53.2% MS in July’18. Maruti in overall has seen a huge inventory correction at the dealership and the trend looks to continue in the coming months. The XL6 (beefed up Ertiga) shall be the new launch for Nexa  in Aug’19 and hope it gives some push to the OEM.

  2. Hyundai has gained some serious hold this year. Generally Hyundai’s market share used to be 16% – However; it has slowly moved towards 19% and lot of this credit goes to Venue!

  3. Mahindra is now the clear No.3 owing to success of XUV300. However; the OEM saw a YoY degrowth of -11%.

  4. Tata, Toyota & Honda are placed 4th, 5th & 6th in the ranking table respectively. Do note the minimal gap in their respective volumes. Amaze’s fall in volumes has led to the drastic degrowth of -49% for Honda which is one of the highest in the Industry.

  5. Following the trend, Renault numbers falls to less than 4k units. This is Renault India’s lowest figures in past 48 months! The last time Reanult had posted less than 4k units was in Sep’15 (1,781 units).

  6. FCA is losing the game big time to the Harrier’s & Hector’s. Once upon a time Compass’s pricing looked attractive – however; the same car seems damn expensive. Jeep has definitely not caught on to the game with time.

Market Shares figures for July’19 –


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