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Kia Digi-Connect digital consultation service introduced in India!

Kia India has introduced the new Digi-Connect digital service to expand on its contactless, online sales service. The automaker says that the new application will offer a range of options and shall allow customers to hold live video conferences with the staff from the nearest dealership.

The Digi-Connect service will allow customers to directly interact with their nearest dealership via a video conferencing facility. The dealerships would also be able to share documents in real-time. The carmaker says that aside from simple interaction, customers will be able to add family members from across the country to the discussions in a bid to provide a showroom-like experience.

The Digi-Connect service can be availed from the OEMs website (source) and shall allow prospective buyers to select the dealership of their choice from their respective cities. The prospects will also be able to select a comfortable time slot for scheduling the video conference call.

Car buyers currently are either in lockdown states/cities or are wary to move out to the dealerships. The Digi Connect service from Kia India shall help the prospective buyers to reach the dealership personnel and have a video interaction on their queries about the cars.


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