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Kia Motors India crosses cumulative sales of 1.5 Lakh units in just 15 months!

In October 2020; Kia Motors India recorded its highest-ever monthly domestic sales since its entry into the Indian market! It sold a staggering 21,021 units last month and was the fourth largest OEM.

Also Kia was able to cross 1.5 Lakh unit sales in just 15 months and was majorly driven by the Seltos. We present the modelwise and monthwise Sales Statistics for reference –

  1. Kia has been able to launch a slew of capable and volume driven offerings since inception. Do note that its entry model Seltos rose as the segment leader within months of its launch. Also Sonet emerged as the highest selling car in its segment in the first month of launch itself.

  2. More importantly; the models have been faring successively well and still commands a waiting period from 4-10 weeks!

  3. Even in Oct’20; both Sonet & Seltos were the second best selling cars in their respective segment and collectively crossed 20k volumes!

  4. Till October 2020, Kia sold a total of 153,159 units. Seltos accounted a lion’s share – 127,613 units or 83.3%. The Sonet sold 20,987 units and contributed 13.7%. Carnival MPV sold a total of 4,559 units since Jan’20 and contributed to 3% of Kia’s volumes.

  5. And not only domestic sales; Kia has been excelling in exports as well. The Korean OEM now stands as India’s 5th largest PV exporter (source) and is rapidly climbing the ladder.

  6. Kia Motors India (KMI) has made a notable contribution to Kia’s global volumes too. Out of the 2,65,714 units sold globally; Indian market contributed to 21,021 units – India contributed to over 7.9% of Global volumes!


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