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Kia Seltos continues to be the No.1 selling Mid-SUV in Sep’19!

Kia had all guns blazing in Sep’19 as well and was able to sell over 7.7k units in Sep’19. It outsold its Hyundai sibling ‘Creta’ by over 1000 units and became the Best Selling Mid-SUV for Sep’19. Thanks to the new entrants in the segment (Seltos, Hector); the Mid-SUV segment grew a healthy 12% in Sep’19 v/s Sep’18! But unfortunately all other brands registered a YoY degrowth. Scorpio came third in the segment and also its degrowth was meager -9%. However; XUV500 degrew a hefty -43% and particularly suffered lost due to new competition. Tata’s Harrier continues to lose ground and was not able to gain much even with the ‘All Black’ variant.


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