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Land Rover’s Newest Defender Gets Loaded in 2022!

Land Rover’s latest Defender itself was an intimidating-looking SUV, but if that wasn’t enough for you don’t worry, Land Rover has a trick up their sleeve to put a smile on your face for their 2022 model Defender. There are various upgrades that the manufacturer has in store for its admirers.

To begin with, the 2022 Defender will now be available with a more powerful engine option. The SUV will host an engine with a capacity of 5L (5000cc) arranged in a V-shape with 8 cylinders. The engine is proposed to be of packing 517 horses and is capable of producing a massive turning force of 625Nm with an implanted supercharger under the hood. The engine is mated to a 5-speed automatic with a 4x4 drivetrain. The aforementioned powertrain propels the weight of this machine from 0-100 in a quick 4.9 seconds.

Land Rover has added larger anti-roll bars and tuned the suspensions. The Terrain Response System also gets an update, a new Dynamic driving mode, which reduces the throttle response time and controls suspensions accordingly. Electronic Active Rear Differential is now a standard fitment that flaunts a new Yaw controller for stability at turns.

The V8 beast also gets features like V8 exterior badging, huge 22-inch alloys in Satin Grey, Brake calipers in Xenon Blue and Quad Exhaust Tips. The colour options include- Carpathian Grey, Yulong White and Santorini Black.

On the inside of this car, we can see ample use of premium quality materials like Ebony Windsor leather upholstery, along with Miko Suede cloth and Robustec accents, and not to forget the Steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara. Wireless smartphone charger comes as standard this time, and the touchscreen infotainment system is a 10.0-inch by Pivi Pro which can also be upgraded to an 11.4-inch system.


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