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Leasing scheme for Cargo E-Three-Wheeler Touro Mini

On Thursday, EV startup Etrio finally launched a vehicle lease scheme for its Cargo E-three-wheeler Touro Mini, with a monthly rental starting from Rs 6,300 for up to 3 years.

The three-wheeler segment amounts for 90% of overall sales in the country but a majority of its share has been controlled by the unorganized E-rickshaw market, containing lead-acid batteries, build quality poor, numerous breakdowns, and lack of stability of the vehicles.

Touru Mini is designed as a low-speed e-auto, aiming to set a new benchmark amongst the unorganized e-rickshaw / e-loaders in the market.

Under the leasing scheme, all the interested partners may remain asset-light without being concerned about its maintenance, with adding the least lock-in period of 18 months and with just Rs 20,000 being the first-month installment, vehicles will be made available for the customers for on-road use. The rest monthly EMIs start afterward with Rs 6,300 for the remaining period of 35 months.

The lease scheme also gives B2B customers an option to include 80 cu.ft. Load body, insurance, telematics, and registration charges in the e-lease plan.

Deepak MV, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Etrio said, “Since the launch, we have been continuously getting numerous inquiries for easy financing of our vehicles. E-Lease will provide a hassle-free ownership experience … Touro Mini to become an undisputed market leader. We are also ready with the Touro Mini Passenger variant which will be introduced through our Dealer channel.”


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