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MapmyIndia Releases Maps And Nearby Search To Help Indians Locate Corona Vaccination Centres Across

The government of India’s official vaccination registration website,, integrates MapmyIndia Maps and APIs to deliver this useful nearby vaccine centre search functionality to all

MapmyIndia, India’s pioneer and leader in digital mapping and advanced location-based and IoT technologies today announced the launch of maps and nearby search features as a part of its mobile application and official website, to help Indians find Coronavirus vaccination centres across the country.

The Government of India has also integrated these features into, their official Corona vaccination registration portal to guide the people and connect them to their nearby vaccination centres.

“In the fight against COVID, each one of us has a role to play. Since the pandemic entered India, MapmyIndia took upon the task of real-time geospatially mapping all corona related places - testing, treatment and isolation centres as well as containment zones. To make the critical vaccination effort seamless, MapmyIndia has put all the vaccination centres across India on MapmyIndia’s maps. Users can use the MapmyIndia App ( and Maps portal ( to search and find nearby vaccine centres and get directions to them. They can also write reviews and report issues they face there - to help authorities get feedback and take corrective action, where required,” says Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia.

He further adds that “We are additionally so excited and thankful to the Government of India for integrating MapmyIndia’s Maps APIs and technologies into the official corona vaccine registration website and app,, to enable the crores of citizens, who will log in, to be able to find nearby vaccine centres. This represents the best of AtmaNirbhar Bharat - a partnership between the indigenous public and private sector organisations - to leverage world-class, indigenous technologies to enable Ease of Living and enhance efficiencies for the country.” People can search nearby vaccine centres across any city, town or village in India using MapmyIndia Maps - be it Siwan, Bihar or Panaji, Goa or a house address such as S386, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi - making this the most comprehensive and hyper-local search useful to all Indians across urban and rural India.

Steps to find nearby Corona vaccination centres:

  1. Download app or visit or

  2. In the search box, press current location or enter your address or place name or eLoc of interest. eLoc is the 6-character digital address for any place across India, a precise pin code representing the doorstep of any place (more information at

  3. Click search / vaccination centres. You will see the nearest vaccination centres to you or the location of your interest. You can click on Get Directions to further get exact turn by turn directions and real-time navigation (based on live traffic congestion and road safety hazards) to that vaccine centre. MapmyIndia’s App, powered by MapmyIndia Maps and APIs, was the winner of AatmaNirbhar App Challenge organised by Govt of India 6 months ago.

MapmyIndia’s app offers far more detailed and accurate maps, is privacy-centric, fully indigenous, more localised and respectful of Indian nuances, and is an AatmaNirbhar alternative to foreign map apps that come default in operating systems. MapmyIndia’s app can be downloaded from All website and app developers can participate and further an AatmaNirbhar Bharat by integrating the best Indian maps using MapmyIndia APIs ( so that all end-users see localised maps instead of foreign ones.


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