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Maruti contributes to 50% of Suzuki’s Global Volumes!

Maruti Suzuki India sold over 14.85 Lakh units in the year 2019. While the parent; Suzuki Motor Corporation sold over 30 Lakh units globally. The contribution of Maruti Suzuki to Suzuki’s global volumes was 49.4%. This signifies the importance of Maruti to Suzuki! Maruti off-late has been playing an extremely vital role in Suzuki’s R&D. Also a lot of Suzuki’s models are specifically made in India and then exported to different parts of the world. Also note that Suzuki is not present in the World’s 2 biggest markets – US & China which it had exited owing to low sales and heavy costs. This has made Suzuki concentrate more on the Indian subcontinent to sustain its volumes. Maruti has been the clear leader in India and was able to garner >50% Market Share in 2019 as well even with the challenges of BS6 transition and fading volumes.

No other automaker in the world’s vehicle markets has ever matched Maruti Suzuki’s stranglehold in India. Nor has the gap in market share between the top-two players in any individual market been as wide! Studying the 10 Global automobile markets (basis 2019 volumes); the only OEM that is similar to Maruti Suzuki is Toyota in Japan – where Toyota is No.1 player with a market share of 27%-31%. Also No.2 Honda captures a market share if 12%-16% in Japan. However, the Market Share variance between these two Japanese OEMs in their home market was smaller than that of Maruti Suzuki and its closest competitor (Hyundai) in India. Top 30 OEMs Globally Basis Year 2019 sales –

  1. VW Group emerged as the World No. 1 auto maker for 2019 and grew 1% YoY.

  2. Toyota came in close second and was just 2.33 L units behind VW.

  3. Tata Motors ranked 22nd in the list. However the YoY degrowth was the highest at -23%. Also note that JLR too was close and ranked 23rd.

  4. Other Indian OEM in the list was Mahindra and YoY degrowth was second highest at -12%. M&M ranked 27th in the list.

Source: CarIndustryAnalysis


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