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Maruti slowly re-opens around 600 dealerships across India

Maruti Suzuki has re-opened close to 600 dealerships across the nation which were closed due to the covid19 lockdown.

India’s biggest automaker Maruti Suzuki has re-opened close to 600 dealerships across the nation, amidst the global pandemic. The dealerships have selectively started the deliveries of the vehicles as well. The company has, in a statement, said that it has put in place a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for its entire dealership network.

The company currently has 3080 dealerships, of which 474 Arena outlets, 80 Nexa outlets and 45 commercial vehicles sales outlets have been opened. It also said that it expects few more dealerships to open in a few days, as they have applied for approvals and awaiting confirmation from the respective state governments.  The company has also claimed that it has already begun deliveries to customers and around 55 cars have been dispatched in the last few days.

The company re-assured that all its dealerships are safe to visit, and that enough measures have been taken to minimize customer interactions, and all possible facets are encapsulated. The company has also said that it has put in a very robust digital platform, where the customers can now book and get delivered their vehicles, right from their homes without having a need to visit the showroom. This follows the likes of Hyundai, FCA and the other companies who have already started digital retail of their vehicles.

(Article is writeen by Karthick. He is an auto enthusiast, and an engineer by profession, currently employed in an auto MNC at Chennai; has a craving on new tech and a particular interest on the Indian automotive market.)


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