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MG Motors India crossed 50,000 units production for its Hector with an All-Women Team!

On the 25th of February MG very proudly flaunted their 50,000th unit of the Hector being made by an all-women team assembled just for this very special car with a message pointing towards the idea that MG aims at having employment gender equality at their manufacturing facility.

MG Motors India All-Women Crew on the Production Line

Morris Garages entered the Indian markets in 2019 with their flagship SUV the MG Hector. This SUV was then marketed as a product with ‘Internet Inside’. This SUV had a huge display located at the center console in portrait orientation and was much more unique in design than the offerings of the Indian car market.

However, despite the very hard to please the audience in the Indian market, MG’s Hector still sold at a good enough rate and made space for the brand inside the country as well as the Indian consumer’s hearts.

President & Managing Director of MG Motor India, Rajeev Chaba said, “MG has always been a progressive brand with diversity, community, innovation, and experiences as our cornerstones. We believe that it is something that has broadened our perspective as a brand and unlocked efficiencies in every aspect of our business operations. The rollout of our 50,000th Hector by an all-women crew comes as an honour to their contributions and hard work. It also demonstrates that glass ceilings no longer exist even in an erstwhile male-dominated industry such as automobile manufacturing. We believe that it will inspire more women to join the automotive industry in India and abroad.”


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