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Mid SUV Sales Performance – Q1 FY2021

Hyundai Creta emerged as the best selling Mid SUV for Q1 FY2021 with a Market Share of 38%. Over 27k Mid SUVs were sold in the past 3 months and the Creta-Seltos duo were able to sneak in 70% Market Share in the segment!

RankOEMModelQ1 FY20MS1HyundaiCreta10,41938%2KiaSeltos8,72532%3MahindraScorpio3,28712%4MGHector2,5399%5TataHarrier8143%6JeepCompass3391%7RenaultDuster2671%8MahindraXUV 5002671%9MGZS EV1831%10NissanKicks1441%11VWT ROC700%12HyundaiKona200%TOTAL27074100%

  1. Creta was the only model to manage an offtake of >10k units in Q1 FY21 and became the No.1 Mid SUV for the time period.

  2. Seltos gave a tough fight and managed to sell 8,725 units along with a Market Share of 32%.

  3. Mahindra’s Scorpio had a late start in the BS6 avatar; but 3,287 units were dispatched in the timeframe.

  4. MG Hector outsold Tata Harrier by over 3 times in Q1 FY21. The updated Harrier has all the bells and whistles now to take on the Hector. Let us see if the number improves in coming months for the model.


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