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Mid-SUV Segment is the most sought after segment in 2019!

Yes! While 2 products have already been launched in the segment in 2019; many more cars are scheduled to be launched. The cars which have launched in the segment since Jan’19 are –

  1. Tata Harrier : Launched on 23rd Jan’19

  2. Nissan Kicks : Launched on 22nd Jan’19

Both Harrier & Kicks have been eagerly awaited since the announcement was done by their respective OEMs. Both the models had a vital role to play for ensuring their OEMs growth in this year. Unfortunately as per our assessment both the models had a slow start and we were expecting much better sales. Although Harrier has sold consistently more numbers than its counterparts XUV500 & Compass; the sales should have been >3k units to realize the hype it had created. We anticipate that Tata should slowly build on the model and increase the sales in coming months. On Nissan’s front; it should be disappointing that Kicks couldn’t even cross 1k units/month while the segment best seller is easily crossing 10k units/mth. Kicks in particular isn’t a bad car (neither is Captur); but Nissan’s lowering brand equity and diminishing dealer network has played the spoilsport for the model. MG, Kia & Citroen are all now eyeing the segment. Creta volumes has been a benchmark and all would attempt to create a formidable option in the segment. Who will succeed and how; only time shall tell.


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