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New Feature: ‘Car’mic Connection

We believe in the philosophy that ‘Cars are not just machines, but a lot more‘. These days we spend more time in terms of finalizing our car purchases and we ought to feel more connected with the one. Many of us even name our cars and go to the extent of celebrating their Birthdays (Day when the delivery of the car was taken). Many special moments of our lives are connected to these machines (Ex: Car purchased before marriage / post birth of a child / anniversaries / graduation, etc).

The kind of connection that we build with our cars is surreal / Karmic. Hence we are terming the series as ‘Car’mic Connection. We shall feature the stories that emulate the passion of the individual towards his/her automobile on our blog. If you want to feature your review / experience kindly mail it to We shall review the same and post it on the website.


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