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New Product Launch: India’s first 3 - axle 6x2 truck, Tata Signa 3118.T

Tata Motors launched the new Signa 3118.T.

The truck will be India’s first 3-axle 6×2 (10-wheeler) rigid truck with 31 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight*(GVW).

*Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the value specified by a manufacturer as the total weight of a single-vehicle when it’s fully loaded.

The model comes with a 3500 kg higher certified payload than the corresponding 28-tonne GVW rigid truck.

Company sources claimed that net operating profit for its customers could increase by approx. 45 percent over a 28-tonne truck. The incremental investment on the Signa 3118.T too can be recovered in less than a year of operations.

The Tata Signa 3118.T also has a 12.5-tonne dual tyre lift axle configuration. A 31-tonne GVW with the lift axle down and at 18.5-tonne GVW with the lift axle up can be operated by it, easily.

The new model has been certified by the Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) for a 25KL POL tanker – which is 2KL higher than the highest allowed capacity on a 10-wheeler, 28-tonne GVW truck.

There are 24-feet and 32-feet load spans in Signa avatar with Lx, Cx versions, and a cowl variant. The Truck is powered by a Cummins BS6 engine, that can produce 186hp of power and 850Nm of torque. The engine has been paired to a G950 6-speed transmission. The company is offering a standard driveline warranty of 6 Years/6-lakh kilometers.

There would be a phased launch across states.

Speaking at the launch, Mr.Rajesh Kaul, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, said that “the Tata Signa 3118.T is a landmark in Tata Motors’ journey towards customer excellence and the new model is evidence of unmatched customer-focused engineering and unique value positioning by Tata Motors.” He added that value features like fuel economy switch, gear shift advisor, ICGT brakes, Fleet Edge telematics system - with inbuilt anti-fuel theft, reverse parking assistance , perfectly complement the pioneering vehicle design and exceeding the expectations of the new-age customer.

Kaul stated that the Lx version also comes with air conditioning and unitized wheel bearings. The new model expands the array of choices that the customers seek, to increase their profitability through the revenue growth model.


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