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Nexa looking to beat Tata Motors for the Rank 3 position. [ This Year Analysis]

Tata Motors registered a volume of about 3,28,083 this year (April to Feb). This was a strong performance from Tata Motors, where it built its lead on the rank 3 position, and in fact, it challenged Hyundai for the rank 2 position. However, when all the attention is on Tata v/s Hyundai battle, Maruti Suzuki has slowly pushed its premium brand Nexa up the table.

Nexa Registered a volume of 2,88,744 for the same period. This was indeed a strong performance by Nexa, wherein the Nexa channel managed to increase its contribution to as high as almost 24% of the total MSIL volumes this year.

A total of 11 months this year to date, saw Nexa beating Tata motors in 4 out of the 11 months. Tata motors did manage to get the lead in their hand in the month of September and have ever since held on to the lead strongly.

Tata Motors averaged the year at about 29,826 units for the period April to February. It was primarily in the H1, where Nexa managed to take the leade from Tata motors. Nexa averaged about 26,249 units this year to date.

Tata Motors did manage to cross the 30k mark, 5 times during this year already. However, Nexa was not left behind with achieving the same feat of 30k+ units 4 times during this YTD.

Tata Motors has certainly raised away ahead every since September. But you would notice that the lead is not stable and consistent. Nexa has managed to pull down the lead to below the 9k mark in 5 months. It is possible to further narrow down and in fact take over Tata Motors, with sorted supply and new launches which are planned this year. However, the one thing Tata Motors has thought everyone is that they cannot be taken lightly, the new product portfolio has been maximized to its limits and Tata motors certainly would do a lot more to retain and build on its rank 3 position.


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