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Nissan to increase price for its range in India effective April 2021

Nissan has confirmed price revision for its Nissan and Datsun range of models from April 2021. Nissan joins the likes of Maruti & Renault to announce price revision from April 2021.

In lieu of the increasing raw material costs and fluctuating currency; several automakers in India are planning price increase for their models. Maruti had yesterday in its regulatory filing stated an increase in various input costs as the key reason for the upcoming price hike (source).

Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd said, “There has been a continuous escalation in auto component prices, and we have tried to absorb this escalation over the last few months. We are now constrained to increase our prices across all Nissan & Datsun models, the increase varies from variant to variant, while still offering the best value proposition to its discerning Indian customers.”

Nissan Magnite has been accepted well in the Indian market and is raking in significant volumes for the automaker. It was priced extremely aggressively at the time of launch and the impending price hike will make it costlier. However; the extent to which the prices shall be increased is yet to be announced.


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