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Oliver Hoffmann declared as the new Technical Development Head of Audi

The chief operating of Audi, Oliver Hoffmann was declared as the new Technical Development Head. He had already been in the prime role in this segment for the past nine months and now with this appointment in the new role from 1st March 2021, shaping the new Audi gets one more element.

Dr. Herbert Diess from the Supervisory Board of Audi believes Hoffmann to be an adept engineer that could head the technical department of this finest brand. According to him, the primacies of Hoffmann should now focus on the acceleration of expanding the product portfolio in direction of e-mobility, evolving new technological forefronts, and working in sync with the partners towards development throughout the Volkswagen Group.

Peter Mosch and Markus Duesmann also shared their positive insights over this new leadership. Before joining the Volkswagen Group in 2017, Oliver Hoffmann has proved his mettle in technical expertise in the quality assurance department of Lamborghini, Neckarsulm, Germany, and also in the world’s largest plant located in Győr, Hungary, and thereby in Ingolstadt.


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