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Oppo aims for Fast Charging in Automobiles

One of the biggest Chinese handset-making company OPPO launches its flash charging project, called the Flash Initiative by bringing its VOOC flash charging to automobiles, public spaces, and new devices. It partnered with the FAW-Volkswagen, Anker, and NXP Semiconductors.

Each of the partners will be working with the dominion technical designs which were developed by OPPO. It applied for over 2,950 patents worldwide out of which more than 1,400 have already been granted.

The company further communicated its new idea by giving a statement, “The Flash Initiative was born from OPPO’s commitment to making consumers’ lives as easy as possible, as it takes its ground-breaking IP beyond consumer’s phone chargers at home, expanding it to cars, public spaces, and chips inside a wide variety of technologies.”

The test and certifications of any partner products made with VOOC flash charging technology will be done by the Technology Certification Laboratory CTTL. Being one of the largest tech certification labs in China, it led its way in setting safety standards for the fast-charging technology by giving them a five-star rating for its VOOC Flash Charging, OPPO claims.


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