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Over 22 Lakh Wagon R sold till date in India!

Maruti Suzuki has sold 22,14,544 Wagon-R’s in the past 19 years in the Indian market!

Wagon-R was primarily launched by Maruti Suzuki to counter Hyundai’s tallboy car Santro. While Santro established brand Hyundai in the sub-continent; Wagon R worked out to be equally significant to Maruti Suzuki India. The Suzuki Wagon R was primarily a kei car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki since 1993. The R in the name stands for Recreation. Wagon R was one of the first cars to use the “tall wagon” or “tall boy” design, in which the car is designed to be unusually tall with a short bonnet and almost vertical hatchback, and sides in order to maximize the cabin space while staying within the kei car dimension restrictions.

Maruti is now preparing to launch the Next-Gen Wagon R in the Indian market on Jan 23rd 2019. While the erstwhile Wagon R had a visible Tall-Boy characteristic; the upcoming Wagon R has been designed a bit more curvy. Built on Suzuki’s 5th-generation Heartect platform, the new Wagon R gets matte black grille at the front and lower bumper and completely redesigned tall headlights. The car also gets floating roof design as seen on the Swift and the Ertiga. The new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R will be available in 7 variants and 4 of them will have Maruti’s coveted AGS automatic gearbox – LXi 1.0L, VXi 1.0L, VXi AGS 1.0L, VXi 1.2L, VXi AGS 1.2L, ZXi 1.2L and ZXi AGS 1.2L.

Next Gen Wagon R completely revealed

Will the New Wagon-R continue the sales run it earlier generation enjoyed? Will the upcoming model stand true for the tall boy characteristics and give unparalleled space and practicality as earlier? Will the pricing be as attractive? Lot of questions which shall be answered on 23rd Jan.

A look at the historical sales data of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R:

  1. Wagon-R is one of the few models which is present in the Indian market for nearly 19 years!

  2. It has sold an average of 9,756 units/mth in the past 227 months. Rare to see such sales performance!

  3. The highest volume Wagon R had sold was 17,119 units in the month of June 2014.

  4. 2016 was the year where the highest number of Wagon-R’s were sold (in a year). Maruti recorded 1,73,286 units of Wagon-R’s sold in that year!


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