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Passenger Vehicle Exports Statistics – H1 FY21

Hyundai pips Maruti Suzuki to become India’s largest Passenger Vehicle Exporter in the first half of FY2020-21!

  1. The overall Passenger Vehicle exports dropped -57.5% YoY and was mainly attributed by Covid 19 disruptions and slowdown in international trade.

  2. While Maruti was leading the Exports volumes till July’20 in FY21 (source); Hyundai regained exports volumes and got back to the top of the table last month for FY21. It was ahead of Maruti by just 492 units! However; do note that Hyundai’s Exports share reduced drastically from 28.3% in H1 FY20 to 20.7% in H1 FY21.

  3. Maruti’s drop in exports volumes was much lower than the Industry average – this helped the automaker gain exports share up by 5.9%.

  4.  Ford too lost significant volumes in exports and degrew a hefty -63.7%.

  5. While GM’s Talegaon plant sale to Great Wall Motors is still in hold; it is continuously raking up the Beat hatchback for export markets. It continued to be nation’s fourth largest exporter in H1 FY21.

  6. Kia Motors India is strongly jumping positions in the table. It has now pipped the biggies like VW to place itself in the fifth spot. It was also a meager 24 units short of GM’s numbers!


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