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Passenger Vehicle Mass Market fuel mix analysis report - Q1 2022

Highlights -

  • CNG (11% mix) has emerged as an alternate choice of fuel to diesel (19%) in BS6 era due to low running cost

  • Diesel mix settled around sub 20% level due to lack of products with diesel engine

  • Electric mix reached to considerable 1% level


  • CNG mix has gained (+4%) due to availability of more products in PV market and lower running cost

  • Petrol mix decline is largely due to increase in CNG mix

  • Diesel mix settled under 20% due to lack of products with diesel engine

  • However, introduction of KIA Carens has increased diesel mix % in Q1-2022

  • Electric mix finally reached to a considerable 1% level


  • Hyundai-KIA, Mahindra, Jeep and Toyota continues to have diesel mix dominated portfolio

  • Maruti continues to expand CNG mix as a substitution to diesel engine demand

  • Tata and MG have healthy and ever increasing electric fuel mix in their portfolio

Body style

  • SUV segment continues to rely on diesel mix with uptick in BEV mix

  • Diesel is near end of life in hatchback segment, and largely substituted by CNG in smaller cars

  • CNG mix growth story continues in sedan and MUV segment with launch of new products with CNG option

Products – CNG mix

  • Maruti, Hyundai and Tata’s relatively affordable products with CNG option continues with growth story

  • Maruti Ertiga and Hyundai Aura’s nearly 70% sales is coming from CNG equipped vehicles

Products – Diesel mix (heavy)

  • Heavy SUV/MUV with ladder-frame-chassis continues to have diesel engine dominance

  • UV/Crossover with diesel automatic transmission option has healthy demand in the Indian PV market

Products – Diesel mix (light)

  • These are those products which do not have automatic transmission option for diesel engine

  • Honda Amaze is the only exception in Q1-2022

Products – Electric mix

  • CNG and electric mix dominates Tata Tigor

  • Tata Nexon electric mix exceeded diesel mix for the first time

  • MG ZS EV facelift transition resulted in lower electric mix


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