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Petrol v/s Diesel Sales 2019 – Renault & Nissan

Renault & Nissan have a common manufacturing facility in India and even the models from the respective OEMs share a lot in common due to platform sharing. The same is almost visible in the Petrol / Diesel Sales Split as well. However; we would have expected Petrol models share in Nissan to be higher (as it includes the Datsun brand which sells Petrol only models); but the scenario is bit different then expected. Let’s see how the modelwise Fuel Split looks like –

  1.  Diesel Contribution was majorly contributed (in terms of volumes) by the new model Kicks. Almost 69% of the models numbers came in from Diesel variants.

  2. Terrano was the only Diesel-only model in the portfolio. However; Terrano could sell only 428 units in the entire year (approx 36 units per month average).

  3. Datsun models were powered by petrol engine only and Datsun contributed over 70% of Nissan’s sales in 2019.

  1. Renault as an OEM had the highest dependency on Petrol models in 2019! The primary reason was the best sellers from Renault were Petrol-only models (Kwid & Triber). Kwid + Triber combined contributed to over 87% of Renault’s sales!

  2. While Lodgy was available only in Diesel configuration; majority sales in Duster & Captur were from Diesel variants.


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