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Rolls Royce registers a new Sales record in the first quarter of 2021!

Rolls-Royce recorded its best-ever quarter in its 116-year history in the first quarter of 2021. The company, which is owned by BMW, delivered 1,380 cars in Q1 of 2021, which is up by 62% from the same quarter in 2020. The earlier highest record for the company was in 2019.

The company has been seeing strong demand for its Cullinan, its 3-ton SUV that starts at $3,35,000 while selling at over $4,00,000 after various customizations. The new Ghost model, starting at $3,32,000, with an optional starry sky LED interior roof, too has been doing very well.

Record sales of Rolls-Royce are another sign of the Worlds Wealthy adding huge wealth to their kitty, due to the rising markets in spite of the pandemic. Bentley and Lamborghini also have registered a strong sales performance.

Rolls-Royce said demand continues to remain strong “with order books extending well into the second half of 2021.” “We’ve responded to recent challenges with our customary boldness, imagination, and inventiveness, underpinned by meticulous planning and a relentless focus on our customers’ needs and requirements,” CEO, Torsten Muller-Otvos, said in a statement.


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