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State-wise Car Sales Statistics – India

We have been receiving multiple requests to post State/City-wise car sales data. We have been able to compile state-wise data and would present the detailed analysis in this post. Considering India’s vast demography and the variance in buying-behavior of consumer; this analysis will help us understand the purchase pattern across various regions of the subcontinent and also allow to assess the state-wise contribution to the nation’s sales.


Zone-wise and State-wise Statistics

  1. In FY17 (Apr’16-Sep’16), South Zone has emerged as the TOP zone and currently contributes to over 31% of the country’s sales volume. South has marginally overtook West Zone’s numbers and the stellar performance in Q2 (Jul-Sep) made all the difference. South Zone also the registered the highest Quarter-on-Quarter growth (Q2 v/s Q1) – primarily boosted with Kerala’s volumes (Onam effect).

  2. West Zone did perform well and gave stiff competition to South’s growth story. The festive (Ganesh Chaturthi) season also pulled up the Zone’s numbers in the second quarter and enabled West to register 17% QoQ growth.

  3. North was the only Zone in the country to register a de-growth in Q2 (compared to Q1). J&K drop in volumes was the highest and the valley registered de-growth of 27%.

  4. East did fairly well and delivered 14% growth. However, the overall volumes in this region is still way behind compared to other Zones. East as a Zone contributes only 10.9% to nations numbers (even lesser than Maharashtra as a state)!

A look at %Contribution to the State’s numbers and Country’s volume –

  1. Out of 14,92,652 cars sold in first of FY17, near to two-third of the sales were contributed from South & West Zone!

  2. South has three biggies – Kerala, Karnataka & TN contributing ~8% each to the national sales. AP+Telangana combined remains in close contention with 7% contribution.

  3. West Zone’s numbers is primarily controlled by Maharashtra (42% contribution to Zone’s numbers)! Gujarat Car Sales numbers are quite substantial as well.

  4. North has multiple pockets, but is dependent on UP & Delhi largely.

  5. WB & Assam emerge as the top two markets in East.

Take a look at the Rank of these states basis H1 sales statistics –



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