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Statewise & Citywise Compact SUV Sales in India – FY2020 (Part 2)

Find the Part 1 of the series – here

As highlighted in Part 1; North Zone was the biggest Zone in terms of Compact SUV sales and contributes to over 34% of the Compact SUV sales in India. The States/UT considered in the North Zone are Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttaranchal, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The Statewise contribution to the Zonal volumes is as highlighted.

  1. Uttar Pradesh is the No.1 State in North (and Nationally too). Around 3,326 units of Compact SUVs were sold per month average in the State for FY202o.

  2. Haryana ranked second for the Zone with a sales of 26,497 Compact SUVs in FY2020.

  3. Punjab & Delhi had a tough fight for the third spot and Punjab overtook Delhi by just a small margin. However; the point to note here is that Delhi as an Union Territory sold almost same units as Punjab as an entire state. Also NCR volumes are not considered here in Delhi’s statistics.

  4. Uttaranchal, J&K and HP ranked 5th, 6th & 7th respectively.

Let us now look at the North Zone Statewise & Modelwise Compact SUV Sales/Market Share for FY2020 –

  1. Maruti’s Brezza had the highest market share in Punjab! The MS here was 54% v/s the Zone’s average of 38%. Haryana too showed better acceptance for Maruti Brezza.

  2. The Market Share for Hyundai’s Venue was the highest in Himachal Pradesh! It outsold Brezza almost 4 times in FY2020. J&K, Delhi & Uttaranchal too fared well for the Venue.

  3. Tata registered its highest Market Share for Nexon in the North Zone at J&K! Delhi came in close second for the Tata Nexon.

  4. Ford Ecosport saw highest acceptance in states like Uttaranchal & Delhi in North.

We now present the Top 20 cities in North Zone for Compact SUV Sales in the FY2020 – 

  1. Delhi undoubtedly was the biggest market and sold 19,258 units in FY2020.

  2. Lucknow came in second and registered a sale of 7,683 Compact SUVs in FY2020.

  3. Gurgaon kind of equaled Lucknow’s volumes! Around 7,031 Compact SUVs were sold in Gurgaon alone in FY2020.

  4. Noida ranked after Gurgaon and 4,369 units of Compact SUVs were sold in the previous Fiscal in the city.

  5. Ludhiana was Punjab’s biggest city in terms of C-SUV sales!

  6. Dehradun was the only state from Uttaranchal to fare in the Top 20 list and ranked 11th.

  7. Also Jammu was the only state from J&K in the top 20 and ranked 14th in the list.

  8. Notable sales registered in Kanpur, Jalandhar & Karnal for their respective states.


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