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Suzuki aims to promote electrification and Hybrid Penetration

The key player from Japanese auto, Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its focal areas during the period of April 2021 to March 2026 in its presentation. It stated in its mid-term management plan about the promotion of hybrids penetration and introduction of electrification in the automobile sector while augmenting the SUV segment and electric vehicles while strengthening the SUV segment and promote CNG cars in India.

Considering the environmental issues in India, Suzuki Motors Corporation (SMC) plans to take initiative in advancing towards electrification. It aims in shaping this technology by 2025 and reduce CO2 emissions. It goals to sustain its market share of more than 50% in the segment of passenger cars during this period.

The company also plans to boost the production capacity of the SUV segment and CNG cars in India as the market grows. SMC intends to grow the number of rural outlets and thereby develop demand in rural areas.

Suzuki’s agenda includes the development of compact EV and Mini EV in alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation.


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