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TATA MOTORS: February 2021 sales have been the highest ever sales for PV in nearly 9 years

Tata Motors continues it’s handsome performance month after month.

The OEM seems to have got it’s act together convincingly.

The Domestic sales of Tata Motors Stood at 58,473 units in February 2021, a growth of 54% over last year.

If we look at the month on month perspective against this year January the growth stands at 1%

Domestic Passenger Vehicle :

The volumes stood at 27,225 this year February against the last year February of 12,430.

The growth stands at 119%

This volume was Tata Motor’s highest for the last 9 years.

Commercial Vehicles:

The sales stood at a growth of 3% .

The volumes stood at 33,966.

The passenger carriers segment registered at high of 24%


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