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Tata Motors was one of the least profitable car makers in the world for 2019!

2019 was a difficult year for car makers across the globe. The primary reason for the slowdown was the stagnating Chinese market which is as a bigger passenger vehicle market than US as well. The US market too didn’t perform well in 2019 and has impacted the profitability of car makers across the world. As per the data published by 28 of the global car makers indicated that they regsitered less profits in 2019, with their operating profits falling by 11% to €86.4 billion*.

*As per the data collated by CarIndustryAnalysis, VW Group was the world’s biggest car maker in terms of sales and revenue both. The German major reported €252.6 billion in revenue v/s €250.8 billion reported by Toyota. However in terms of profit; Toyota was ahead and posted operating profits of €21.2 billion. Let us see manufacturer wise Operating Margin calculation for 2019 –

  1. Ferrari became the Top Brand to earn highest operating margin – Primarily Ferrari earned most money per unit sold in 2019. For Comparison: BMW Group needs to sell 30 units in order to earn the same amount of money made by only 1 Ferrari; while Nissan Group has to sell 926 cars!

  2. Tata Motors Operating Margin was the lowest among the 28 manufacturers listed above.


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