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BMW was very clear to go all guns with the new 3 series. With Audi challenging its leadership position, BMW had to present its ACE as an answer. There would no better time to launch the 6th gen 3-series. Since its inception in 1975, 3-series has been the most sold BMW of all time. With every edition the 3-series was generations ahead of its predecessor. The same stands true for the new 3-series. It is longer, wider and sharper – Hence, “Superior by Evolution”! With an absolute winner in hand BMW ensured that it doesn’t leave any stone unturned before its launch.

An India Centric 360 degree campaign was designed & executed by Liquid Campaign India. German agency Contra & Weareflink were the production partners of Liquid Campaign India for the TVC. It was the first time in its presence in last 5 years the Bavarian Auto maker had tried something this big in India. Be it usage of QR codes, or a website to educate on the evolution or the teaser campaigns in print/media – it was magnanimous! The results were similar too – BMW received more than 500 bookings before the launch itself.

Certainly the promotions have been outstanding; and the looks as well – with the chisel front headlamps it looks mesmerizingly brilliant. And of course since it’s a BMW you’d expect it to be a driver’s car – something that will put a big smile on your face when you press on the hammer. It’s a rare charisma of thrill and performance that only a few cars can make you feel like that. So with the new BMW 3 you expect it to take a leap forward from its predecessor. But looking at the old 3 series you would think how it could possibly be better.

With looks and interior it has gone miles when compared to the old one. Especially the one in the 328i, with those red stripes on the dash along with the distinctive metallic black. You get that touch of red even on your key. Rounded binnacle is replaced with a freestanding display. i-drive had move beside the gear lever and all this makes interiors very much symmetrical. The only think you could ask for is a paddle shift gear option. Never mind BMW has kept it for the 7th generation 😉

Talking about its performance and drivability you would expect it to be driver concentric. Since it’s a BMW, it’s meant to be a driver’s car in the first place. But here is a bit of smug for those who really want to throw it around corners and smoke some rubber as this new 3 series is way too smooth it’s actually like redefining comfort with the 8 speed gearbox. With 181 Bhp and lighter than the earlier 3 series it should be faster.

Another ace is the brand ambassador – The God of cricket meets the goddess of power and speed. It is a match made in heaven which can’t get better.

Do we really need more reasons? That is what BMW’s character is all about and 3 series is as iconic as ever. No car could ever produce a combination of luxury and performance the way BMW does!

A 3 is a 3 – SH33R DRIVING PL3ASUR3!

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(Author – Anshul Chawla – Is an automobile enthusiast who love and live cars! Can be ignited at


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