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Top 10 Scooters for June'21: Activa, Jupiter, Access, Dio, Pleasure, Dio, Ntorq and others.

The top 10 selling Scooters in the month of June Sold a total volume of about 2,30,113. This was a degrowth when compared to the 2,57,328 units of LY June. The top 10 Scooters de grew by about 27,215 units. This was about 10% degrowth over LY June.

  • Only four scooters managed to register growth in the the month of June 2021. They were Access, Dio, Ntorq & Pleasure. Rest 6 scooters have degrown. Honda Activa degrew the highest with 27,394 units degrowth.

  • Activa this year missed the 1 lakh mark. It sold 94,274 units for June 2021. This was a drop of about 27,394 units and that translated to about 22.52% degrowth. Activa, had the highest lost in the market share of top 10 scooters and lost a whopping 6.31% in the month of June.

  • Jupiter managed to score 31,848 units. This was a marginal lead over the rank 3 Access. The fall in volumes was about 15.82%. Jupiter also marginally dropped it’s market share in the top 10 scooters.

  • Access seems to have a stellar June. It was the highest growth Scooter for June 2021. With a growth rate of 68.09%, Access was also the Highest gainer in the market share of top 10 scooters. IT registered a market share of 13.65% and a growth of 6.39%

  • Dio, Pleasure and Ntorq managed marginal growth volumes ranging from 3.4K to 2.6K. All three have also shown growth in their respective market share in the top 10 selling scooters of June 2021.


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