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Top 10 Selling Cars of December 2020 – Alto Tops the list!

The Top 10 Selling Cars of December 2020 contributed to around 52% cars sold in India for the month! It included 7 models from Maruti and 3 from Hyundai.

The List of Top 10 Selling Cars for December 2020 –

  1. Only 2 OEMs had their offerings in the Top 10 list – Maruti & Hyundai. While Alto was the nation’s best selling model; Venue was the highest selling Hyundai for December 2020.

  2. There was only 1 Sedan (Dzire) in the Top 10 selling cars. Do note that the list included 5 hatchbacks, 3 SUVs & 1 Van too.

  3.  Venue emerged as the best selling SUV for December 2020. It outsold the likes of Brezza & Creta to claim the Top Spot.

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