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Top 10 Selling Motorcycles in India for FY2021 – Splendor tops the list with over 24.6 Lakh units!

The Top 10 Motorcycles for FY2021 registered a cumulative sales degrowth of 10 percent over FY2020. Even though the Motorcycles segment reported a decline in sales; the scenario was much better when compared to the Scooters segment.

Hero Motocorp ruled the segment with 2 offerings in the Top 5 and 4 models in the Top 10 selling Motorcycles. It was closely followed by Bajaj with 3 models on the list. Honda, Royal Enfield, and TVS had one model each in the Top 10.

Top 10 Motorcycles sold in FY2021 (April 2020 to March 2021) -

  • Hero Splendor continued its dominance in the Indian market and emerged as the highest-selling motorcycle in the Indian market for FY2021. Hero Splendor defines the entry-level commuter segment and offers extreme value for money with high mileage and lower cost of maintenance. The model recorded sales of 24,60,248 units in FY2021.

  • HF Deluxe ranked second on the list. The sales for the model declined 19 percent to 16,61,272 units in FY2021 as compared to 20,50,974 units sold in FY2020.

  • Honda CB Shine was one of the few models to register a YoY growth and the sales improved to 9,88,201 units in FY2021, up 4 percent as against 9,48,384 units sold in FY2020. Honda’s focus in the entry-level commuter segment is clearly visible with the sales enhancement and it shall be trying its best to target Hero’s Deluxe and Splendor.

  • Bajaj Auto’s Pulsar range still proves to be immensely successful and the model recorded a double-digit YoY growth even in a pandemic year! It ranked fourth in the list with 11 percent growth to 9,45,978 units in FY2021, up from 8,56,026 units sold in FY2020.

  • Hero Motocorp's Passion and Glamour were able to take the fifth and sixth spot in the table respectively. While Passion's volumes slipped 3 percent YoY, Glamour recorded a massive 23 percent YoY decline!

  • Platina and CT were the other Bajaj Auto models in the Top 10 list. Both the entry-level offerings were not able to make an impact and sales declined 22 percent and 41 percent respectively in FY2021.

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350 came in eighth with 3,61,140 units sold in FY2021 and was down 9 percent as against 3,98,144 units sold in FY2020.

  • TVS Apache ranked ninth in the list with 3,25,644 units sold in FY2021 and declined 11 percent as compared to 3,65,237 units sold in FY2020.

Best Selling Motorcycles of FY2021 -


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