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Top 25 Selling Cars of July 2019

Some Interesting Snippets from the Top 25 sold cars of July’19 –

  1. Grand i10 ousted from the Top 10 list and places itself in the 14th spot. The segment itself is falling down and is visible in Tiago’s performance as well. The best selling Tata (Tiago) now ranks 17th in the overall list!

  2. The Top 25 selling cars contribute to over 84% of overall car sales!

  3. Honda Amaze fares 11th in the overall rank and is the best selling Honda!

  4. Maruti’s Vitara too is thrown away from the Top 10 list and lands the 13th spot. Post Venue launch; Brezza has faced really tough competition and high stock at dealers end have made things even worse. Brezza was just 838 units ahead of Mahindra XUV300. Also Brezza sold 1,283 units lesser than Creta!

  5. XUV300 is the best selling Mahindra and sells even higher than the evergreen Bolero in July’19!

  6. Only 1 Ford & 1 Renault model makes into the Top 25 selling cars!


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