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Toyota’s new launch "Woven City"

Woven City will have three types of interlocking roads on the ground floor, one for robot driving, one for pedestrians, and one for people traveling in individual universal vehicles.

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. (Woven Planet) made a tremendous contribution to the development of Woven City. Together with Governor Haita Kawakatsu of Shizuoka Prefecture, Mayor Kenji Takamura of Susono and various environmental visitors, President of Toyota Akio Toyoda, CEO of Woven Planet James Kuffer, and President of TMEJ Kazuchiro and others were given the task.

"The Woven City project officially starts today," said President Toyoda. "Taking action as one has decided is never an easy task. I must express my deepest gratitude to all who have provided their whole-hearted support and cooperation to the project through today. The unwavering themes of the Woven City are 'human-centred,' 'a living laboratory' and 'ever-evolving.' Together with the support of our project partners, we will take on the challenge of creating a future where people of diverse backgrounds can live happily."

To prepare for a time when all the environments that contribute to everyday life are connected to information, Toyota will report on developments in Woven City at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA, in January. Woven City intends to continue making progress that will contribute to a better society by accelerating innovation models and improving governance.

Woven City is a company that demonstrates a people-centred way of dealing with local area improvement. On the day Toyota moves from an automaker to a portability organization, the company will update its innovations in a certified climate in areas such as computing, individual flexibility, advanced mechanics, and artificial intelligence (AI). This depends on giving organizations and professionals around the world a wide range of freedoms.

In Woven City, three types of ground-level roads will be linked, one for computer travel, one for pedestrians, and one for pedestrians on individual portable vehicles. There will also be an underground passageway where products are moved. The entourage will start with about 360 people, mostly parents, families with young people and creators, and ultimately have a population of over 2,000, including representatives from Toyota. The establishment of Woven City means creating a climate where innovations that can solve social problems are ideal.


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