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V Tech giants in the Electric Car Industry?

Apple and Hyundai, Foxconn and Fisker, Huawei and …?

Tech Giants are increasingly partnering the Automajors in the transformation of the Auto Industry as it is transitioning rapidly to the EV platform from the ICE platform.

And it is not just the powertrains that are transforming.

It is in the whole gamut of how things are changing drastically in all areas including communication and transportation.

We are seeing an increased usage of technology that is digital and involves connectivity.

Driver Assist technologies are becoming more and more available, and it is now unthinkable to think of cars and smartphones that are unconnected.

This increasing connectivity has ushered in new norms in driver efficiency and safety too.

This was best highlighted in the evolution of the Tesla Car: developed by a Tech Giant rather than a conventional Auto Major.

Amazon and Alphabet to are in partnership with other Automajors via direct investment or development of Self Driving Technology (Alphabet’s Waymo).

It is rumored that Apple too is getting into Electric Car manufacturing under the code name: Project Titan.

Apple’s partner Foxconn has inked a partnership with the startup Fisker Inc to make electric cars. 250000 EVs will be made by 2023 by the partners.

Fisker shared the key question that came up during a discussion with Foxconn CEO Young Liu was around:” What would a car look like if it came from a tech company rather than a car company.”

Expect a lot of surprises and innovations in the final design, when the product is ready.

The Engineering Capabilities of Fisker that includes its exceptional vertically integrated global supply chain and the Technological abilities of Foxconn are what the two partners want to integrate innovatively and effectively.

This is, however, not the first collaboration of Foxconn with an Auto major, in January 2021, Foxconn announced a partnership with Chinese Carmaker Geely (it's parent company Zhejiang Geely Holding also owns Volvo) to provide “OEM and Customised consulting services related tp intelligent drive systems, automotive ecosystems, and whole vehicle parts.

Geely has also inked a deal with Baidu, a Chinese Search Giant too, is now a minority shareholder for manufacturing standalone electric vehicles.

5G technology integration into cars news is fuelling the news that Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, too is getting into electric cars.

Huawei could be planning its own electric car; and is already in talks with van maker Changan and also BAIC Group’s BluePark New technology about a possible manufacturing collaboration, reports suggest.

However, Huawei spokespersons have told that “ Huawei is not a Car Manufacturer. It aims to be Digital Car Oriented and newly added components, provider. This will help car OEMs to make better cars.”

All this indicates that there are; and will be, increasing partnerships happening between Tech Giants and Auto Majors, which will only grow leading to more innovative and connective technology-driven cars.


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